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Language: Soranî / سۆرانی - Sorani

خۆت لهئ اری از پشت بپارزه ئ ری گا مۆژا بۆ بهکارهنهران و شۆفره انیک مهکینه Drive away bad backs - Advice for mobile machine operators and drivers

Health and Safety Executive

زۆربهیکات بهکارهنهران و شۆفرهاک نی مهکینه گهڕۆکهکان اکس لهدهست ئازاریپشت )پشت ئشه( شت پشت دهکهن . دهشت ئهمه هۆکاری زۆری ههب ت، که مهرج یهن ههمووی پهیوهندیی بهکارکردنهوه ههبت . بهم ده ئازاری خرا ترپ ببت بههۆی لخ...

Sorani - Online Resource

How to use the NHS in England - for new migrants Watch online

NHS Evidence (formerly National Library for Health)

This sixteen minute film on how to use the NHS gives simple messages about registering with a GP, making an appointment, asking for an interpreter, confidentiality, the referral system etc. It is acted in English with voices over in other languages

Sorani - Video