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Ochrana pred bolesťami chrbta - Rady pre vodičov a operátorov mobilných mechanizmov Drive away bad backs - Advice for mobile machine operators and drivers

Health and Safety Executive

Vodiči a operátori mobilných mechanizmov sa často sťažujú na bolesti chrbta. Tieto bolesti môžu mať rôzne príčiny, pričom nie všetky musia súvisieť s prácou. Ale dlhšie šoférovanie v nesprávne nastavenom sedadle, natriasanie, chvenie a vibrácia celéh...

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Get Well Soon Without Antibiotics leaflet

Royal College of General Practitioners

This leaflet, produced by the Department of Health, explains the need to get the right treatment for common illnesses such as colds and coughs without encouraging antibiotic resistance. It is available in different languages and is suitable for distr...

Slovak - Online Resource

Patient Leaflet (NDPP)

NHS England

You have taken an important first step and found out you are at high risk of Type 2 diabetes. The NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme will help you take control of your health, supporting you to make changes to your diet, weight and the amount of exerc...

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Working in the UK - Your rights

Trades Union Congress (TUC)

Welcome to the TUC guide on your rights at work in the UK. The TUC is the national centre of trade unions in the UK – we represent more than 5.5 million workers and 52 unions from a variety of sectors. Trade unions bring workers togeth...

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