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Language: Fārsī / فارسی - Farsi

Help with health costs - information in other languages

Department of Health and Social Care

اﺍگر اﺍنگلﯿﻴسی،٬ زﺯبانﻥ اﺍوﻭلﻝ شما نﯿﻴست وﻭ دﺩرﺭبارﺭهﻩ دﺩرﺭﯾﻳافت کمک مالی دﺩرﺭ تأمﯿﻴن ھﮪﮬﻫزﯾﻳنﮫﻪھﮪﮬﻫا دﺩرﺭ مواﺍرﺭدﺩ زﺯﯾﻳر بﮫﻪ رﺭاﺍھﮪﮬﻫنماﯾﻳی نﯿﻴازﺯ دﺩاﺍرﺭﯾﻳد:...

Farsi - Booklet / Leaflet

How to use the NHS in England - for new migrants Watch online

NHS Evidence (formerly National Library for Health)

This sixteen minute film on how to use the NHS gives simple messages about registering with a GP, making an appointment, asking for an interpreter, confidentiality, the referral system etc. It is acted in English with voices over in other languages

Farsi - Video

سلب مسئولیت Schizophrenia

Royal College of Psychiatrists (The)

چندین بخش مجزا جهت سهولت در خواندن تقسیم گردیده است که شامل: چرا از کلمه s استفاده می کنیم؟ اسکیزوفرنی، علایم، دلایل و مشخصه های آن * درمان، دارو ، روان درمانی و مقایسه این روشها، بدون درمان چه اتفاقی م...

Farsi - Online Resource

Your asthma action plan

Asthma UK

Your personalised asthma action plan has all the information and tips you need to stay well. Based on your asthma history, it tells you: which medicines to take each day how to spot if your asthma’s getting worse – and what t...

Farsi - Online Resource