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Language: 官话 - Mandarin

奶瓶喂养宝宝 - 新妈妈的重要信息 Bottle Feeding Your Baby

UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative


Mandarin - Booklet / Leaflet

母乳喂养宝宝 - 给新妈妈的重要信息 Breastfeeding Your Baby

UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative


Mandarin - Booklet / Leaflet

如何使用国民健康服务 How To Use The NHS - Information For New Migrants Watch online


这段简短的视频提供了有关如何使用国民健康服务的信息,包括如何在 GP 处注册、预约、要求口译员、保密和转诊系统。

Mandarin - Video

What Happens When Your Doctor Asks You to See a Specialist?

NHS England

These documents describe what you can expect to happen when your GP refers you to see a specialist or consultant, at a hospital or a community health centre.

Mandarin - Booklet / Leaflet

Working in the UK

Trades Union Congress (TUC)

This report presents the findings of a TUC-funded project that sought to identify the main routes into employment for Polish migrant workers in the North East and North West construction and food processing sectors.

Mandarin - Information Pack