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Severe Mental Illness (SMI) Health Checks (Norfolk and Waveney CCG)

The SMI Health Check includes;
- Completion of recommended physical health assessments
- Follow-up: delivery of or referral to appropriate NICE-recommended interventions
- Follow-up: personalised care planning, engagement and psychosocial support

Improvements in physical health of people with SMI can be achieved by addressing and reducing the impact of:
• Health behaviours, such as smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, and substance misuse. This should include addressing multiple risk behaviours rather than one health risk factor at a time
• Side effects of antipsychotic medication, including weight gain, glucose intolerance and cardiovascular effects
• Difficulties in accessing treatment; for example, lack of intervention following conditions diagnoses
• Disconnected and irregular approach to health and care provisions, and other support
• Non-compliance with care process, for example for Type 2 diabetes and mental health care providers should work with people who have SMI
• The effect of SMI on poor self-management of conditions, including seeking and adherence to treatment

An SMI Health Check includes:
* A measurement of weight
* A blood pressure and pulse check
* A blood lipid including cholesterol
* A blood glucose test
* An assessment of nutritional status/diet and level of physical activity
* A assessment of alcohol use, smoking status & use of illicit substance / non prescribed drugs
* Support access to relevant national screenings
* Medicines reconciliation and review, general physical health & lifestyle enquiry (e.g. sexual & oral health)
* Indicated follow-up interventions

Age Range: Any age group
Target Groups: Mental Health
Referral Procedure: Individuals with an SMI (not in remission) will be routinely invited to attend
How Service is Delivered: Health checks are delivered in primary and secondary mental health care
Parking and Transport: This will be as per each GP practice or Mental Health Trusts site
Special Educational Needs Accessible: Primary care and mental health services will utilise existing accessibility resources.
Special Educational Needs Transition: This service has no age limitations
Compliments / Complaints: Norfolk and Waveney CCG can listen to your issues, concerns, compliments or suggestions, resolve problems where possible, and feed back to services to aid service development.
To provide feedback about a Norfolk and Waveney CCG service, please contact the team on 01603 595857, or by email.
Locations Served: All Norfolk and Waveney
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