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Organisation Details

Starfish LD CAMHS (Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust)
Contact: Laura Wetton - Clinical Lead
Address: Single Point of Referral,
Norwich Community Hospital,
Bowthorpe Road

Consultation line: 01603 272 319

The Starfish Learning Disability Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (LD-CAMHS) is for children and young people with a diagnosed learning disability. It is a countywide service offered across Central, West and East Norfolk to children/young people who have a diagnosed learning disability with additional mental health and behavioural difficulties that have a significant impact on their adaptive and social functioning.

Starfish LD-CAMHS team consists of Specialist Learning Disability Nurses, Clinical Psychologists, Assistant Psychologists, Family Support Workers, a Systemic Family Psychotherapist, an Occupational Therapist, a Clinical Coordinator, a Therapy Assistant Practitioner and Speech & Language Therapists. A service is offered for children/young people from school age up to 18 years old, with support from parents/carers. The child /young person must have a diagnosis of learning disability (IQ less than 70), with evidence that supports this, and additional emotional and mental health and/or behavioural difficulties that significantly impact on their everyday and social functioning.

A mix of consultation and direct intervention is available to promote self-help, improve the skills of care-givers, provide reassurance and help to identify those cases at greatest risk. Starfish has a consultation line for parents/carers and professionals that is not manned but is checked every 2-3 days.

The team offers tailored interventions to suit the need of the child/young person. Our interventions aim to increase resilience of caregivers to enable them to reduce risks and support the child/young person to achieve best health and well-being in areas such as:

  • Emerging and established mental health and wellbeing difficulties
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Attachment and trauma
  • Anxiety inhibiting self-care and development or impacting on social functioning
  • Self injurious behaviours/harming others
  • Managing transitions between activities/settings
  • Low self-esteem
  • Managing emerging social relationships and sexuality safely

Home visits are provided by the service.

Interpretation and translation services can be arranged for users of this service.

An information leaflet about the service and other patient leaflets are available.

Age Range: From 4 to 18
Target Groups: Children, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Young Adult / Teenager
Related Services: Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust (Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust)
Referral Procedure: Referral by GP, School Doctor/Nurse, Consultant Paediatrician, Social Worker, School Health Advisor, Health Visitor, child's school, third sector, carer, parents and self referral.
How Service is Delivered: Service delivery is via telephone / school-based consultation and direct delivery in settings familiar and comfortable for the child/young person such as home, school or respite setting. The service is predominately community based but may use local clinics or community facilities as available.
Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m - 5 p.m (4pm on Fridays). An answerphone is available at other times.
Parking and Transport: Limited parking at some NCH&C sites. Norwich Community Hospital has a pay and display car park.
Access and Facilities: Majority of visits are undertaken at home or school. Any clinic rooms used would be booked with disabled access in mind.
Special Educational Needs Accessible: Starfish use a variety of communication methods that recognise the needs of children and young people with learning disabilities. Service information can be adapted in consultation with the child / young person and their family.

Home visits can be carried out where appropriate or other accessible venues such as e.g. GP surgeries can be utilised depending on the preferences of the child/young person and their family.
Special Educational Needs Contact: Starfish LD-CAMHS, Norwich Community Hospital Bowthorpe Road, Norwich NR2 3TU.

Consultation Line: 01603 272 319 (unmanned line, message facility available – our aim is to respond to callers within 2-3 working days).
Special Educational Needs Transition: Norfolk County Council and NCHC provide adult learning disability services from 18+ (subject to eligibility and threshold criteria).
Compliments / Complaints: The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) can listen to your issues, concerns, compliments or suggestions, resolve problems where possible, and feed back to services to aid service development.
To provide feedback about a Norfolk Community Health & Care (NCHC) service, please contact the PALS team on 0800 088 4449, or by email.
Locations Served: All Norfolk
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